Gathered in church with Dan and Emily @danonelfemusic learning new songs, thinking about our own discipleship.

We celebrated our learning about Pentecost in a really special way today- each year group prepared part of the liturgy and we joined together in the school hall. We wore the colours of flames raising money for The Briars @NDCYS 3 Peak Challenge. Well done everyone- we could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The first of our homemade rosaries have arrived in school. 

What beautiful creations!

Last week, Year 2 shared the story of Pentecost. Maya decided that this story is so important for us all so she made a model to remind us.

Well done Maya!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A beautiful liturgy, written by the whole Faith in Action team and led by these inspirational individuals.

A reflective and prayerful time 


Reflecting on how Jesus taught us how to serve when he washed his disciples’ feet our Chaplains ended their session washing each other’s hands.

It isn’t always about doing something big or extravagant- small acts of kindness demonstrate our love for one another. When we love one another, we reflect God’s love and our love for Him.

The R.E board in FS2 is all about what their Lenten promises are and what Jesus did when he was in the dessert for 40 days and 40 nights when he was tempted by the devil. Also they have a tree showing how they will grow during lent. They have also listened to the Maundy Thursday story. 

By Maggie Y6 (School Chaplain)

The Lenten Calendar in year 6 is all about what we can do each day. In one day of the calendar, there is a scripture, prayer and action read by a pupil. Whatever the action is, we try and do that thing throughout the day. We also pray the prayer and think deeply about what this can mean. This scripture is chosen from the bible to reflect on personally.

By Jacob Y6 (School Chaplain)

Around the whole school, every class’ prayer leader has been writing an intention for someone who is poorly or someone who is struggling in their life. This will help us to think of someone else and not just ourselves. We should encourage ourselves and others to pray in this special period of lent. 

By Daniel Y6 (School Chaplain)


“A community that stops kneeling before the rich, before success and prestige, and which is capable, instead, of washing the feet of the humble and those in need, will be more aligned with God’s teaching than the winner-at-any-price ethic that we’ve learned — badly — in recent times.”

Our Faith in Action group met today and reflected on this quote from Pope Francis. It challenged us in many ways. As our discussion unfolded, so our understanding of the challenge deepened.

So inspired by our Year 6 group- think they will be making their own speeches in time…


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