General News

Lent has begun. We were lead in prayer this morning by Mrs Churchill and our Chaplaincy Team. Thanks to all our parents and families for joining us .

Yesterday, our Faith in Action group discussed the familiar parable ‘The Sheep and the Goats’.  Our Year 6 chaplains were inspirational as we talked about how we have acted like the sheep in the parable. We went onto think about why we sometimes behave like the goats. Sometimes, we find it easier to look inwards […]

Following our two special RE topic days on the Eucharist, it is wonderful to see such amazing artwork and displays, reflecting our learning and our beliefs.

Y6 chaplains started their journey towards their Faith in Action Awards with their first reflection point – We love because we are loved. It was a truly amazing time to listen, think about and discuss our experiences of love in our lives. Our chaplains now are venturing out to find out about others’ experiences of […]

We spent time with Father John in church learning about the Eucharist. We were able to ask questions about each part of the Mass, listen to Father John’s explanations and take a closer look at the chalice, communion paten and the tabernacle. Thank you Father John! 

Christmas Mass means  that it is time for our youngest and oldest children to place Baby Jesus in the manger.  Merry Christmas everyone! 

We only have 3 more days in school. Our cribs keep travelling. How can you welcome Jesus this Christmas?  

Children young and old welcoming the travelling cribs into their homes. Thank you.

Thank you to all our families who have welcomed the travelling cribs this weekend. We would love to see your photos.

Thank you to all our families for inviting the traveling cribs into their homes.

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